TAP files for DivIDE/DivMMC

Several .TAP files of Spectrum games circulating on the Web won't work with a DivIDE/DivMMC interface. Most of the times this is due to the fact that they have been created by simply converting TZX files containing data recorded at normal speed but loaded without calling the standard ROM loading routine, or with the flag byte for data blocks set to other than 255, or both. For some titles there are no .TAP files available at all.

I created a number of .TAP files for use with such interfaces. Most of the times I did it from the original data by extrapolating data blocks and resaving them using a standard procedure, hacking loading routines so that they use the standard ROM calls, or by waiting for the game to be fully loaded and then exporting it as a binary file, then saving it normally. In some cases - for instance Speedlock and Alkatraz - I used LERM's COMB utility from Transpack 2. These are marked with the symbol (*). Bug fixes were applied to some already existing .TAPs.

Latest update: 11.08.2023

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Click here to download a ZIP archive containing the following tested and working .TAP files.